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13 FebImplement two-factor authentication in your business

Weak passwords are a reality in both business and personal life. Password exploits are the preferred method for hackers to breach…

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11 DecYou need two factor authentication

Two-factor authentication (or, more generally, multi-factor authentication) is a method of validating the identity of a user, as part of an…

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15 FebThe future of work: coming sooner than you think

Prior the pandemic, you could ask a dozen people what “the future of work” meant and get 13 different answers. Some…

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12 FebContract Insight 17.8.0

Contract Insight® Enterprise Version 17.8.0 has arrived, delivering visionary features and enhancements to supercharge your contract management software suite.
In order to help your organisation successfully meet and exceed contract management, vendor management, eProcurement and eSourcing goals, future-minded features and enhancements have been added to Contract Insight for an impressively low-friction, scalable, and user-friendly software experience.

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22 JanThe changing role of IT and security

Navigating remote work cyber security threats Whilst challenging, the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns have led to businesses re-evaluating their Cybersecurity…

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