Four Weekly Tech Newsletter – April 11

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Lead articles from April 11

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Artificial intelligence for reducing food waste

Cheese, bread, meat, and other food products can be efficiently produced using data-based algorithms. Machine learning methods can optimize sales and production planning as well as process and plant control systems. Germany has committed to the United Nations goal to reduce food waste by half by the year 2030.

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Here's what AI will never be able to do

At a Fintech conference in New York put on by Fordham University in the spring of 2017, an AI expert made a bold prediction: Someday there would be a company with a market cap of one trillion dollars. He predicted that this valuation, which at the time seemed incredible, would be based on that firm’s extensive use of AI.

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ML helps identify haematological malignancies

Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) is a disease of the stem cells in the bone marrow, which disturbs the maturing and differentiation of blood cells. Annually, some 200 Finns are diagnosed with MDS, which can develop into acute leukemia. Globally, the incidence of MDS is 4 cases per 100,000 person years.

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Security in the cloud is enhanced by AI

One of the initial hesitations in many enterprise organizations moving into the cloud in the last decade was the question of security. Significant amounts of money had been put into corporate firewalls, and now technology companies were suggesting corporate data reside outside that security barrier. Early questions were addressed, and information began to move into the cloud.

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Network detection and response

Last year, Gartner published a market guide on network detection and response (NDR). Formerly known as network-traffic analytics, NDR has adapted to not only play a major role in helping network and security teams identify threats, but it has enabled these teams to respond to them too.

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10 parallels between whiskey tasting and AI

In today’s world, the power of artificial intelligence is everywhere. From agriculture to healthcare, from shopping to dating, from the vehicles we drive to the way we do business, our experiences are increasingly shaped by AI. This is true even when it comes to whiskey tasting, although in this case the intelligence is driven by our senses and our reasoning rather than sophisticated algorithms.