Four Weekly Tech Newsletter – Aug 11

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Lead articles from August 11

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Artificial intelligence and data privacy

Turning risk into a benefit. One of the most important reasons business, especially consumer facing business, wants to have lots of data is to know as much about the market, us, as possible. Artificial intelligence (AI) …

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The building blocks of an AI strategy

Organizations need to transition from opportunistic and tactical AI decision-making to a more strategic orientation. As the popularity of artificial intelligence waxes and wanes, it feels like we may be at a peak…

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We must consider cybersecurity professionals during the pandemic

The Covid-19 crisis has led us into dangerous cybersecurity waters in more ways than one.No matter how much we think we know about the so-called ‘new normal’, including the fact that there’s nothing normal about it, new issues continue to arise from the Covid-19 pandemic. While businesses are figuring out how to survive the economic effects, every industry is facing its own unique challenges that change regularly.

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Ransomware: these warning signs could mean you are already under attack

There are as many as 100 claims to insurers over ransomware attacks every day, according to one estimate. And as the average ransomware attack can take anywhere from 60 to 120 days to move from the initial security breach to the delivery of the actual ransomware, that means hundreds of companies could have hackers hiding in their networks at any time, getting ready to trigger their network-encrypting malware.