• Customer: Wandle Housing

Busy Wandle Housing Association manages more than 5600 properties across London.

It contacted Four Business Solutions when it started to worry about its dated, inflexible purchasing system.

Wandle wanted to make it easier for staff to track spending, integrate purchasing with the existing accounting system and help managers control budgets better.

Our consultants suggested the IPOS procurement solution from Professional Advantage. Our experience has proven time and time again that it can meet these needs.

“Four have been very good in building the system and aligning it with the way we work. Everything is delivered on time. They stuck with the plan and drove it forward, which was wonderful” says Taylor.

“We’ve simply had no problems with IPOS at all. Best of all, it has already started to save us an awful lot of time.”

  • Four have been very good. They really drove it forward, which was wonderful
    Gordon Taylor
    IT Manager, Wandle
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