• Customer: RCT Homes

RCT Homes is Wales’ largest social landlord, with 11,000 homes and a £37 million budget.

In 2008, we helped it set up a new finance system from scratch. Part of the job was huge cultural change as it involved persuading RCT Homes paper-loving staff to embrace electronic purchasing, and use the IPOS supply chain solutions to control spending instead.

“Staff were using all sorts of work-rounds, from using just one customer order per supplier for the whole year to placing orders with no value – a lot of this had built up with the previous paper-based system. We knew we had to know what we were dealing with in order to change things,” says Lisa Pinney, RCT Homes Head of Finance.

Getting a true picture of how things actually got done meant that we were able to draw up a realistic process map that captured the essence both of what was being done day to day and what needed to come in to optimise and rationalise the situation. “Our deal with the staff was that they had to tell us how to make it work best for them,” says Pinney.

The process of deploying IPOS was based on this in-depth picture of the existing business processes and workrounds; Pinney cites the power of the underlying IPOS functionality as well as the experience and responsiveness of Four Business Solutions as key to its success. In terms of commitment to our goals and flexibility, Four went well beyond what can be expected” she says.

We were pleased to work with this not-for-profit housing association and believe our consultancy expertise, support and IPOS installation has brought it huge time and efficiency savings. It’s a company where every penny counts towards improving people’s lives, so we’re glad we could help.

Procurement solutions might sound dry, but we believe our business really can change things for the better.

  • “We made sure we had the best procurement tool. But we also got the best company supporting it.”
    RCT Homes
    Malcolm Wilson, Commercial Director
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