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Digital Innovation in the Procurement Process

What is digital innovation? It’s very rare when an organisation is so on point that others use them as a standard. Amazon anyone? The ability to have most of your

Tips to Develop Your Public Speaking Skills

No matter what your inspiration or motivation, you need to have a plan to get ahead and reach the pinnacle of your field. Successful people always plan their route –
Why you should be implementing two factor authentication in your business 1

Why you should be implementing two factor authentication in your business

Two-factor authentication (or, more generally, multi-factor authentication) is a method of validating the identity of a user, as part of an access control process, which requires more than one identifying
How Will AI Change the Role of Contract Managers

How Will AI Change the Role of Contract Managers?

When we think of tech trends today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) – which is both loved and feared – is pretty much up there. It encompasses most aspects of innovation today
Contract Management

Closing the Communication Gap and Improving Contract Management

How communication can make or break a successful acquisition and improve contract management Improving contract management is not an easy process. There are numerous steps involved with the acquisition process.
How to Speed Up Google Chrome on Desktop Computers

How to Speed Up Google Chrome on Desktop Computers

Since launching in 2008, Google’s Chrome browser has gone from strength to strength. Almost three-quarters of desktop computers have the program installed, which speaks volumes about its excellent feature set
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The future of social media – a blog mini series

Part one – a decade of the smartphone A myriad of networks Our preferred social media networks whatever they might be – Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest (and
How we use Business Process Automation today 1

How we use Business Process Automation today

Many workplace processes are repetitive and time-consuming, which leaves staff minimal time to focus on improving their organisation.  More than 12% of a company’s total annual costs can be attributed
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Responsibilities of the Data Controller and Data Processor Under GDPR

If your business processes personal data in the EU, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will identify you as either a data controller or a data processor. You might even
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Contract Management

ROI of Contract Management Software

Four ways to manage your contracts Whenever you invest in anything new for your organisation, you need to know you’re making the right choice. If you’ve done your homework, you’re
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Contract Management

Best way to manage contracts

In this age of digital transformation, innovation is all around us. As a contract management professional or administrator you can reap the benefits of the latest technologies by integrating artificial
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Benefits of contract management software

Every small business owner finds it hard to switch off. Running a small business pretty much occupies your every waking thought, especially during the early years. There’s no getting away