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Cyber security: are your contracts safe?

Cyber security is a hot topic these days. But it hasn’t always been that way. Many contract management professionals will admit

How to secure Remote Desktop

With remote working becoming increasingly popular and cybercrime at its highest level, IT professionals and software companies need to
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The ultimate guide to Contract Insight

Have you heard about Contract Insight? It’s contract management software from Cobblestone that will make your life easier. If
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The sweet spot of SaaS – Software as a Service from Four

The phenomenon of cloud has brought us a lot of advantages, not least ‘software as a service’ or SaaS.
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Can contract management software revolutionise your library of contracts?

Contracts, contracts everywhere. Contract management software could make all the difference to your contracts library. We’ve got expiring contracts, renewing contracts,
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Negotiate like a Brexit winner with contract management software from Four

Contract management always starts with negotiations. Is it okay to talk tough? The UK’s Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson seems to
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Put Brexit in the shade with successful contract negotiations

Topical, isn’t it?  In truth, like Brexit, the skill of your contract negotiations has always been critical in helping you
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Avoid the pain of Brexit – cut out human error with contract management

Let’s face it, like The Brexit Papers, contracts aren’t exactly the most exciting documents you’ll ever read. In fact,
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Protect yourself from cyber attacks with Contract Insight

As the number of cyber attacks increases and the terror alert in the UK is raised to severe, we need
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Keep your business agile in the Brexit age with Contract Insight

You probably don’t associate Brexit with agility. You probably don’t associate agility with contract management software either. In fact,
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Cloud 2.0 the next generation of cloud computing

Let’s talk about Cloud 2.0 the next generation of cloud computing. If, like me, you remember the days of Betamax
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Innovate with Insight – Contract Management Software from Four Business Solutions

What if innovative contract management software meant exactly that? If the software you were considering to help you manage
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