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Time management skills in the Brexit age

‘I deal with tough mathematical questions every day, but please don’t ask me to help with Brexit!’ – Stephen Hawking The relentless march of time It’s almost three years since
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Contract Management

Contract management versus contract lifecycle management

The terms ‘contract management’ and ‘contract lifecycle management’ may seem synonymous. But there are some critical differences between them. What’s the difference? It’s important for organisations looking for opportunities to
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Cyber Security

Cyber warfare 2019

Trends, opportunities and threats A constant state of war Guess what? The risks from malware, data breach and other cyber attacks are here to stay. It’s a sobering thought to
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Contract Management

The benefits of contract management software training

Maximise your investment and your results Most leading contract management software is easy to set up, configure, and use. Why not maximise your investment and take your expertise to the
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What should strategic contract management look like in 2019?

The impact of digital transformation Every year, software evolves and changes, and its ongoing transformation continues to affects the way we do business. In this new contract era, the amount
The high cost of low cost contract management software

The high cost of low cost contract management

Contract management software can benefit any organisation that manages contracts or agreements. Unsurprisingly many enterprises are deterred by the cost of intelligent software. Budgets are a factor in all business
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Using AI and intelligent software to identify and prevent contract risk

Any contract – no matter how favourable the terms may seem – can bring risk as well as opportunity. To secure your enterprise, your team and your reputation, it’s important
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Contract Management

The best document management systems are automated

Did you know that companies spend almost 5% of their revenue tracking agreements after signing a contract? Organisations of all sizes find manual management of contracts and related documents to
Contract Insight 17 3 0 is what you’ve been waiting for

The latest version of Contract Insight from Four

Contract Insight 17.3.0 Announcing the newest release of Contract Insight™ Enterprise Edition Version 17.3.0. Building upon the success of Version 17.2, the new version now includes new, smart features across
37 SMART KPIs for business success

SMART KPIs for business success

Measurable contract management Contract Management KPIs Contract management KPIs should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely (SMART). Since industries, processes, and contracts are unique, KPIs will vary, but it’s
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Automate contract management with AI

VISDOM AI for innovative contract management What is VISDOM AI?  VISDOM contract artificial intelligence (AI) is an innovative new feature of Four’s Contract Insight Contract Management Software. It simplifies contract
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Implement two-factor authentication in your business

Weak passwords are a reality in both business and personal life. Password exploits are the preferred method for hackers to breach both corporate and private systems today, with thousands of