Four Weekly Tech Newsletter – June 27

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Lead articles from June 27

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An enlightened future with Artificial Intelligence

The decisions that we make now and in the near future will set the tone for the rest of the decade including how artificial intelligence (AI) may develop and how we will use it. It will require enlightened leadership to maximise the benefit for human society. This article is focused on providing a moment of reflection in terms of where we are and where we are going from a policy and philosophical perspective and to serve as a prelude to a more technical article on the next generation of AI that will follow.

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These are the start-ups applying AI to tackle climate change

Climate change is the most pressing threat that the human species faces today. Artificial intelligence is the most powerful tool that humanity has at its disposal in the twenty-first century. Can we deploy the second to combat the first? A group of promising startups has emerged to do just that. Both climate change and artificial intelligence are cross-disciplinary fields. Both will transform literally every sector of the economy in the years ahead.

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Top six Artificial Intelligence documentaries

Statistics and machine learning have been increasingly popular in recent years. Nowadays, machine learning can assist us in making better judgements and bit data governs every aspect of our lives. It has an impact o n how we opereat,e shop and do business. Let’s explore the finest artificial intelligence documentaries that will help you understand more about how AI plays a vital part in our lives and are well worth watching.

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Why ethical AI won't catch on any time soon

While there has been a good deal of discussion about the use of AI in enterprises and the possibility of building ethical AI strategies, new research indicates that, even 10 years from today, it is unlikely that ethical AI design will be widely adopted. The research, based on a survey of 602 technology innovators, business and policy leaders, researchers and activists conducted by Pew Research Center and Elon University, showed that a majority worried that the evolution of AI by 2030 will continue to be primarily focused on optimizing profits and social control and that stakeholders will struggle to achieve a consensus about ethics.

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The ghost work behind AI

An expert on how data and algorithms are changing work responds to Janelle Shane’s “The Skeleton Crew.” “The Skeleton Crew” asks us to consider two questions. The first is an interesting twist on an age-old thought experiment. But the second is more complicated, because the story invites us to become aware of a very real phenomenon and to consider what, if anything, should be done about the way the world is working for some people.

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Will AI robots do the majority of our work in the coming decades?

AI robots are slowly replacing blue collar and white collar workers. Go to the trading floors to find out that there are no human brokers. Algorithmic trading software makes money for most investment funds. It takes 0.2 seconds for a price quote to come from the exchange to your software vendor’s data center (DC), 0.3 seconds from the data center to reach your trading screen, 0.1 seconds for your trading software to process this received quote, 0.3 seconds for it to analyze and place a trade, 0.2 seconds for your trade order to reach your broker, 0.3 seconds for your broker to route your order to the exchange.