Four Weekly Tech Newsletter – March 17

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Lead articles from March 17

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Artificial intelligence in 2021: 5 trends you may or may not expect

Artificial Intelligence innovation continues apace – with explosive growth in virtually all industries. So what did the last year bring, and what can we expect from AI in 2021? In this article, I list five trends that I saw developing in 2020 that I expect will be even more dominant in 2021.

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The incredible rise of AI in three key points

For many of us, artificial intelligence (AI) remains something about which our knowledge is limited. We know we have encountered it, and we know it is bound to play a central role in our collective future, but it remains something of a mystery– even in spite of the fact that many of us have existed for the majority of modern AI’s existence.

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Enabling virtual healthcare with Artificial Intelligence

Telehealth and virtual consults are changing how medical care is delivered. Artificial intelligence is integral to improving these experiences for both the doctor and the patient.

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We need a humanitarian vision for AI and robotics

Robotics and artificial intelligence are beginning to transform a broad spectrum of industries, and I believe that in time, given its near-endless applications, omnipresent AI will contribute $150 trillion to the global economy.

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China poised to dominate the AI market

If you, or your kids, are obsessed with TikTok, you might be surprised to hear that the company behind your favorite app is a giant artificial intelligence tech conglomerate in China.

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Toyota is using AI to build a new city

Are you ready to co-exist with artificial intelligence and robots? Toyota, one of the biggest automobile manufacturers is employing artificial intelligence to make a futuristic city for 2,000 staff members and families.