Four Weekly Tech Newsletter – May 2

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Lead articles from May 2

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AI diagnostics fall short in skin of colour

Artificial intelligence diagnostics are less accurate on skin of color than light skin, even when trained on equal numbers of images. Although artificial intelligence (AI) can be a useful tool for dermatologists, significant challenges exist in creating databases and programming that provide equally precise diagnostic results in skin of color (SOC) compared with lighter-skinned patients.

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Will humans ever be fully replaceable by AI?

We must first determine, what is a person and what is the nature of the universe in which a person can exist? The title question has been around for quite some time. In this discussion, I would like to take an ontological look at this question. What is the essential nature of being a person? To fully replace humans, what must AI machines become capable of?

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Breaking through the hype - the real world benefits of 5G connectivity

5G offers a level of connectivity that could transform the shop floor. Here’s how leaders use today’s technologies to secure supply chains and create value.

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AI research may have hit a dead end

Philip K. Dick’s iconic 1968 sci-fi novel, “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” posed an intriguing question in its title: would an intelligent robot dream? In the 53 years since publication, AI research has matured significantly. And yet, despite Dick being prophetic about technology in other ways, the question posed is not something researchers are  interested in; no one is trying to invent an android that dreams of electric sheep.

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Can we teach AI to make moral judgements?

Can we ever teach AI to do the morally right thing? That’s what moral philosophers are racking their brains about. A question that preoccupies me is to what extent AI is capable of making moral judgments.

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New AI regulations are coming - is your organisation ready?

For companies adopting AI, the dilemma is clear: On the one hand, evolving regulatory frameworks on AI will significantly impact their ability to use the technology; on the other, with new laws and proposals still evolving, it can seem like it’s not yet clear what companies can and should do. The good news, however, is that three central trends unite nearly all current and proposed laws on AI…