Four Weekly Tech Newsletter – Nov 30

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Lead articles from November 30

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What are the fastest growing cybersecurity skills in 2021?

Cybersecurity’s fastest-growing skill areas reflect the high priority organizations place on building secure digital infrastructures that can scale. Application Development Security and Cloud Security are far and away from the fastest-growing skill areas in cybersecurity, with projected 5-year growth of 164% and 115%, respectively.

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The missing link in many data science projects: decision intelligence

Doubling down on data will not improve your business decisions. Decision intelligence can help bridge the gap between data and better decision-making. Digital transformation is the flavor of the season. Every company has accelerated its efforts to digitize operations in response to a changing market.

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Must have data science skills that you should learn

Data science skills contains several subject skills such as it contains skills in relation to math, science, business communication, statistics & English. Having skills in a diversified area enables you to crunch with financial functional and non- functional activities to influence decision making concepts. Accordingly, it can be said that data science skills are those which contain technical as well as non-technical skills.

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This is how we'll merge with Artificial Intelligence

When it comes to customer expectations, the pandemic has changed everything. The relationship between humans and AI is something of a dance. We and AI come close together operating collaboratively, then are pushed away by the impossibility, only to stumble but return attracted by the potential. It is perhaps fitting that the dance community is beginning to embrace robots, with AI helping to create new movements and choreography, and with robots sharing the stage with human dancers.

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Branches in AI to transform your business

The CEO of Alphabet Inc. recently spoke about a project which was an application of AI, soon to be on our own smartphones, that left the world in awe. The project was called ‘Google Duplex’. This initiative enables AI to place a phone call to a hair salon, converse just like us humans, and book a haircut appointment – and the part where your jaws drop is that all of this takes place in the background on your phone, without any intervention of yours..

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On the edge - how Edge AI is shaping the future

As computers have become more sophisticated over the years, we have passed through several ‘eras’ of computing. From the ‘personal computing era’, in which we kept customized sets of apps and data locally on our devices, to that of ‘cloud computing’, which is typified by people making use of centralized online services hosted on ‘the cloud’. Now we are moving into the world of ‘edge computing’, in which data is processed close to its source, cutting out the need for it to be sent to the cloud.