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23 JulLegal workflow success with Contract Insight

A sub-par legal contract management process makes obstacles for your legal department tough to overcome. An agile legal workflow streamlines the contract lifecycle, reduces risk and cuts delays and bottlenecks.

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03 AugContract management software for media and entertainment

Managing various types of media and entertainment contracts from varying locations with multiple departments and roles can be an arduous process – especially when relying on disparate methods such as emails, wet signatures, shared network drives and cloud-based spreadsheets. Dealing with and tracking a high volume of contracts – from intellectual property contracts to talent agreements, among many others – can be tremendously challenging without a leading contract management software that centralises your contract lifecycle management processes. Read on to learn how a centralised CLM software suite can help you achieve pre-award to post-award entertainment and media contract management success.

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30 JunWhat is Contract Management software?

As your organisation grows, so do contract complexity and contract volume. This growth requires an improvement in contract processes. No matter which industry your organisation inhabits, your team will need to invest in a user-friendly contract management software solution. But first: what is contract management software? Contract management software is a legal technology solution used to streamline and automate contract management, contract lifecycle management, document management, counterparty collaboration, risk management, reporting and analytics.

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03 JunContract Lifecycle Automation – end-to-end CLM efficiency

Managing the contract lifecycle from requests to renewals can prove difficult with spreadsheets, emails, filing cabinets, and other disparate tools and systems. Without accountability, visibility, a clearly defined process and actionable insights, organisations can find themselves running into compliance issues, not realising contract value, and encountering other setbacks. Contract lifecycle management requires careful planning, the right technology, a well-planned contract strategy, and holistic contract lifecycle automation processes. Thankfully, robust contract management software with a foundation of AI and machine learning can help automate contract lifecycle management processes.

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18 MayThree contract risk management tools to protect your organisation

Reviewing contract risk can be time-consuming, challenging,and stressful. Manually assessing risk factors can cost your organisation extra time and money while increasing the risk of inadvertent human oversights. While you can do your best to carefully track risk factors, including negligent clause language, this can prove challenging when dealing with multiple stakeholders and pressing deadlines. Read on to learn how three contract risk management tools within contract management software can help protect your organisation from the risks of poor contract management and, in some cases, your job.

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