Four Business Solutions understands that, when it comes to Account Management, clients want a service that provides costs, technical requirements, resources and timescales that align to their project.

Beyond this, though, we believe that communication is key – and that having someone to look after your day to day issues, keep you informed on product developments and share your evolving business needs is essential.

Account Management

Our account managers bring a lot to the table as they have a wealth of experience helping clients formulate ideas and developments, and check the viability of the plan. Four Business Solutions consultants are also deeply experienced at driving a project forwards and ensuring management are aligned, so that a project has the necessary backing and authority. More than account managers, they are an indispensable aid, a person who has a passion for your business success.

Building trust

Four’s IT Account Management specialists will pro-actively make your aware of potential issues and changes in the relevant products or industries. By working in close partnership with clients, we quickly build a level of trust and reliability that ensures we have the highest client retention rates.

When something goes wrong, a Four Business Solutions consultant will be your reliable backstop, working to get the problem resolved and pulling the necessary resources into place, so that everything is back working as quickly as possible.

Finally, we really do aim to be part of your team. When you both enjoy a notable success, or perhaps earn a promotion, then your Four Business Solutions account manager will be there to support you – and even share in some well-earned celebrations.