Here at Four Business Solutions, we talk a lot about cloud software, but we know this is a new and unknown area to many of our clients. Put simply, cloud software is a powerful way to control confidentiality and security at an affordable cost. It works via the Internet but, unlike public websites, we make cloud security private so that only your organisation – and the people within it that you choose – can see the information. It means that your company’s secure data and processes are completely isolated from others by a firewall, but selected employees can still see it all on their computers, tablets and smartphones.

Benefits of cloud security

Cloud solutions offer an intelligent answer for organisations that want robust, scalable, easy-to-deploy systems set up around the company without the overheads of servers, maintenance, security and data recovery.

We offer Procurement, Contract Management and ERP solutions which are private and cloud-based, so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Cost-effective and secure but exclusively yours so that integration, active directory, database management and service management are yours to define and control.

One of the great advantages of Cloud Software is that you don’t need a service provider to maintain the site, which saves considerably on costs and reduces security anxieties. It can also be rapidly rolled out to users within your organization, and only requires minimal management levels from your IT department. Typically, cloud security systems can also include integral billing tools which make tracking your usage far easier than trying to keep a desk-based spreadsheet.

Private Cloud Software is well suited to businesses that operate in a dynamic environment, requiring flexible computing which can respond quickly to the demands and changes of the job.