Good project management is a vital part of success. Invariably the key elements are communication and co-ordination, risk identification and management, plus progress, resource and cost control.   Many project managers make the mistake of issuing a project plan and expecting the team to understand the interdependencies. Four’s project managers have a passion for sharing and explaining the plan with the whole team, sometimes in smaller groups, so that everyone really signs up to the project.

Communication is key

As work progresses, communication remains the key to aligning resources and keeping the project on track. Four uses simple Project Trackers, which show everyone at a glance the progress and position with supporting detail. Emails and forms are essential, but we never forget the importance of picking up the phone or walking over to someone’s desk to talk. This ensures the passion for the project remains bright and the teams commitment is positive.

Good project managers know how to share success, and this maybe a series of thank yous, or perhaps a celebration, if the project warrants it.