Many IT problems are of a technical nature and they frequently take too long to resolve. The reason is that people work in silos. Often, they do not have the breadth of skills to understand that the change they are making on the domain server will effect the SQL database; a call to a service outside the firewall and the user will experience further issues because of an interface requirement linked to that service.

Get to the heart of your issue

These types of problems can be solved with teams of people to fix the issue, but at Four we have a simpler method. Our technical leaders have to understand all the facets of a solution and document the interdependencies, so they can quickly identify the experts that will be required. We insist that the technical leads have the requisite skills to actually make the changes required, so we don’t end up with skills silos. Many of our technical team are more than 20 years qualified as this type of experience and skill takes time to develop – but you can rest assured it works.

As one of clients said, “It’s so much easier to make a cup of tea on your own, without five engineers all trying to help but actually getting in the way”. Technical problems need simple solutions and throwing people at the problem often fails. Four understand this and solve problems the smart way.