Most successful businesses understand training and appreciate it is a pre-requisite for a system to work well. They also encourage staff to progress, and promote them across the business, so that employees and customers all benefit. This is great, but we rarely see employees planning for their succession, which means the transfer of knowledge doesn’t flow as smoothly as we’d like. Four recognises this as a sign of success and encourage all clients to conduct periodic training sessions with staff. Because the requirements are so varied we run lessons in small sessions (2-3 hrs) and allow a few days between sessions. This encourages knowledge retention and allows the delegate time to assimilate problems and additional queries.

E-learning excellence

We encourage delegates to transfer knowledge via sessions with their colleagues, but many agree that e-learning has a valuable role to play. Some delegates do not like training courses, some are too busy and prefer to absorb information at their own pace and convenient time. Also, of course, new staff appreciate an overview of systems to familiarise themselves with the business in a quiet, safe environment.

Global learning

E-learning also plays a major role for large organisations where standardisation is key and different languages need to be addressed. Together with our e-learning specialist partners, we produce some of the best training material available. This includes a system or application overview with interactive step-by-step guides on processing and enquiring within the solution.

We have used e-learning in sales presentations, help guides and even to show how a new building and office environment can be utilised, for example, covering telephones, meeting rooms, wifi, bikes, cafeteria, access passes and local transport.

Nothing is too difficult to transform from a simple fact sheet or training lesson into a dynamic, interactive, encyclopaedia, which helps your staff get rapidly familiarised and productive.