IT systems are constantly evolving and business needs keep maturing, so it is only natural that upgrades are part of your annual product audit and update. Many teams are too busy and work on the principle that if it is not broken then do not touch it. That can work, but eventually, you will have an issue when it breaks.

Four keeps talking

Four’s approach is to make small improvements and perform housekeeping tasks and routines annually, so that the ‘breakdown’ issue do not occur, or, if it does the fix is easy. The common analogy is with your car and it is easy to see the comparison with routine maintenance, checking water, oil and tyre pressure and every five years getting a new car.

At Four, we like the analogy, but IT systems aren’t just mechanical. They affect people every day, so you need to complete routine maintenance but also talk with the users, to make sure business requirements are still being effectively met. This means the user experience will work simply and it should be easy to link the system in with new business requirements. Standing still is not an option on the IT superhighway.