When you’re implementing a software solution like Contract Insight, you need to make decisions about configuration versus customisation. So, what’s the functional difference between them?

What is configuration?

This means your ability to set up, structure and shape the information within the system, as well as how that information is formatted and displayed. Configuration within Contract Insight means your organisation will be able to manage and modify without Four Business Solutions’ intervention.
There are many benefits to a Contract Management Solution that is highly configurable. For example, lowering the total cost of ownership. A configurable system allows you to manage the detailed workings of your system without the constant need for external modification and help from us. Here are some of the other key benefits:

  • Highest level of knowledge transfer to your employees and business users
  • Minimise dependency on Four Business Solutions for common management needs
  • No additional professional services fees necessary
  • Data, makeup and layout modifications at the speed of your evolving business needs
  •  Ensure maximum compatibility with all future updates, upgrades and expansions

Is Customisation Right For You?

Customisation provides a tailor-made solution for your detailed needs. It is achieved through our comprehensive professional services, for your specific functionality.

Four Business Solutions’ Approach

Our goal is to provide you with the best tools to help you efficiently, effectively utilise Contract Insight’s Contract Management Software. Rest assured, Contract Insight provides you with a highly configurable and maintainable system.

In addition to our high configuration standards, we offer a host of development and customisation services . If you want to enhance operational efficiencies with specific business models, functionality or applications, please refer to our detailed professional services offerings. We will work with you, every step of the way, to ensure your solution is optimised for your specific needs.