System Planning

Four Business Solutions offers system planning services to help organisations assess contract management requirements. Our consultants will make recommendations to fit your situation, and provide customised implementation plans.

Needs Assessment Plan

Our experts will perform an in-depth needs assessment of your current contract management business processes. These assessments will involve meetings with key business users and stakeholders. Often, meetings are scheduled for on-site visits, however this is not mandatory. Throughout this discovery phase, we lay out your contract management processes, physical and logical systems, and your actual contracts. Each of these areas helps to clarify the elements necessary to ensure an effective and efficient deployment of our Contract Insight solution.

Deployment Recommendations

Our highly-qualified consultants will provide “tried and true” recommendations for your organisation from our portfolio of best practices. These recommendations will to optimise your utilisation of your Contract Insight solution in these key areas:

  • Software Deployment Needs
  • Departmental Configuration
  • Data Conversion/Import Services
  • Contract Data Breakdown
  • Attachments Standardising
  • Reporting Management
  • Systems Integration Overview
  • Vendor/Customer Management
  • Security & Permissions
  • Alert E-Mail Notifications
  • Contract Modelling
  • Workflow Processes
  • Dashboards Management

Implementation Plan

You will be given a fully-documented, comprehensive implementation plan, detailing the steps and requirements for a smooth transition from your existing contract management system(s) to the state-of-the-art Contract Insight, Contract Lifecycle Management solution. Plans typically suggest phased implementation, however, the details vary based on your desired timeframes from installation to configuration, testing, training and “Go Live”.

Contract Management Flexibility

Contract Insight is flexible, scalable and easy to use. We understand that each organisation has its own set of requirements and hot topics. That is why we have developed a framework which offers implementation options to fit your unique needs. Our solutions can be deployed in a hosted environment, as a client deployed application, or as a service application. Contract Insight utilises enterprise-grade architecture. The flexibility of our deployments on this standardised platform makes it easy to incorporate our systems into your organisation’s technical environments.
Four Business Solutions delivers an industry-leading Contract Management Solution and we aim to exceed customer expectations. Contract Insight is built with our customers in mind. Every feature and function has been engineered to be easy-to-use and conducive to sound, “Best Practices” approaches.

Application Flexibility

Every system we deploy allows for full configuration of screen views, employee roles and permissions, fields, and types of information needed. This ability to configure the system to your specifications helps manage the complexity of your information, while ensuring your consistency. Our solution’s flexibility ensures your information remains highly visible and accessible across your organisation