Integrating software needs just a few fundamental principles and then it becomes achievable without major expense. Plus, it saves your business the problems associated with inconsistent records, re-keying data and complex reconciliations, where chunks of data have timing differences.

Keeping solutions simple

Four also know that the way to keep the project on track, low-cost and successful comes down to a few simple requirements – work with the software authors where possible; understand the process, before and after, so that integration traps the inconsistent data; make sure manual options are standard and when they are proven, flip them to automated services. Make sure your reporting and error trapping is flexible and then the system will provide great service as the business naturally moves forward. If you want a dynamic integration team, we can help your organisation achieve its joined-up ambitions.

Four have completed projects with Verisae, Itemate, Microsoft RMS, SunSystems, Anaqua and many more applications.