Infor SunSystems


London, Paris, New York… all the top business cities use Infor SunSystems as their preferred trusted financial solution. And we do too. Four Business Solutions’ partner, Infor, is a global supplier which delivers financial management, purchasing, inventory and sales management solutions to more than 9000 customers in 190 countries. In its own words, it allows customers ‘to get a real time view of all the moving parts that make a business tick, and turn financial information into profitable action’.

Benefits of Infor SunSystems

Our consultants have extensive experience with SunSystems. We’ve been working with the company for decades and continue to find it the most efficient and cost-effective solution for our clients. It’s a relationship we’ll long value, because we believe this is one of the most reliable and robust accounting systems in the world.

Crucially for our clients, the Infor SunSystems financial platform has the depth to adapt to any market. Amongst its many benefits, the highlights are:

  • real-time reporting Intelligent transactions
  • in-context business intelligence
  • enterprise data management
  • unified ledgers
  • localised reporting
  • complex allocations
  • multi-site subsidiaries
  • social-enabled collaboration.

In our view, Infor SunSystems has other unique capabilities. It combines technological innovation and usability with a depth of functionality achieved through decades of practical application. It also enables greater management control, allowing for immediate analysis of all areas of your business, directly from your accounting system.

Crucially, this is software that’s geared to grow, allowing any business to think locally while expanding globally. Delivering real-time financial operational and reporting analysis, it is a comprehensive, global financial management system with unparalleled adaptability. Plus, of course, all delivered at an extremely competitive cost of ownership.

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