Industry solutions

Workflow. Procurement. Integration. Contract management. When it comes to contracts, we share the same concerns – contract lifecycle management, supplier management, procurement and bid management. Every industry has responsibility for managing thousands of contracts across different departments, facilities, suppliers, providers and agencies. Mismanaged contracts lead to increased costs, reduced margins and poor productivity, and they can also fall short of regulatory compliance, which can have severe consequences.

Contract Insight – the contract management software solution from Four – can help you navigate the challenges these throw up. By supporting contract lifecycle management, supplier management, procurement and bid management, it will free up valuable time so that you can focus on the business in hand.

The industries Contact Insight supports include:



Address the challenges of maintaining financial control while processing tens of thousands of transactions every hour.



Overhaul inefficient systems with minimum stress, enabling agility, fine-tuning and smooth roll-out of subscriber plans.



Maximises the market, enabling innovation and offering unrivalled integration skills alongside complex integration project knowledge.



Business process improvement helps pharmas address complex challenges around cost control, compliance and operational efficiency.

financial services 1

Financial services

Secure financial contract management to optimise operations, enable compliance, save time and reduce costs.



Maintenance of the entire contract lifecycle, offering comprehensive solutions for automating contracts and legal processes.

social housing

Social housing

Managing thousands of multi-layered social housing contracts is streamlined with effective financial management software.



Software flexes to suit all hospital and healthcare facilities – focusing on supplier management, compliance tracking and alerts.

energy 1

Energy and utilities

Manage energy and utility contracts and committals while automating the entire contract lifecycle.


Education and government

Enables improved supplier management, making managing contracts easier for universities, schools and other academic institutions.