Who can benefit from contract management software?

Many different types of organisations can improve their contract management processes with user-friendly and flexible contract management solutions.  To that end, we’ve looked at five key organisational roles – contract
Posted  on November 28, 2019
The best contract lifecycle management for legal professionals cropped

The best contract lifecycle management for legal professionals

Legal professionals face ever-increasing volumes of legal work, and they struggle to complete the evolving complex demands of their in-house legal function.  When it seems like there isn’t enough time
Posted  on November 19, 2019
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Best way to manage contracts

In this age of digital transformation, innovation is all around us. As a contract management professional or administrator you can reap the benefits of the latest technologies by integrating artificial
Posted  on April 5, 2019
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Essentials for contract authoring software

Contracts form the basis of most of our business agreements. They ensure that there are no nasty surprises, protect us when things go wrong and keep our relationships with a
Posted  on August 23, 2019
Contract Management and Contract Lifecycle Management for business success in 2019

Contract Management and Contract Lifecycle Management 2019

Contract management versus contract lifecycle management The terms ‘contract management’ and ‘contract lifecycle management’ may seem synonymous. But there are some critical differences between them. What are the differences? It’s
Posted  on July 17, 2019
Contract management benchmarking reaching for success cropped

Contract management benchmarking – reaching for success

Maximising contract value is important for public and private organisations across all industries.  To support contract management ROI in 2020 and beyond, contract management professionals like you will benefit from
Posted  on December 17, 2019
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4 Best Practices For Selecting Contract Management Software

Every business leader seeks operational efficiencies to ensure effective expense management by eliminating unnecessary costs and streamlining operations. For many businesses, the right and leading contract management software and lifecycle
Posted  on October 7, 2016
Effective data extraction with contract management software

Effective data extraction with contract management software

When implementing contract management software, organisations tend to have copious amounts of contract data that needs to be mined, analysed and populated into the new system.  Data extraction is a
Posted  on November 4, 2019

Contract management software can make your pharmaceutical day

If you’re a pharmaceutical professional, we’d like to show you how contract management software could make your working day easier. Far-reaching compliance Like many other industries, the pharmaceutical industry is
Posted  on December 19, 2018
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Debunked! The top four Contract Management Software myths

Four Business Solutions CEO John O’Brien mulls over the issues that matter. I often come across people who are thinking about investing in Contract Management Software (CMS), but get put
Posted  on November 29, 2016
Contract management software myths debunked

Contract management software myths debunked!

If you’re thinking about investing in contract management software, before you start the selection process we’d like to call out a few misguided presumptions.  We know such myths can discourage
Posted  on January 9, 2020
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The benefits of contract management software training

Maximise your investment and your results Most leading contract management software is easy to set up, configure, and use. Why not maximise your investment and take your expertise to the
Posted  on March 11, 2019