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The pandemic has brought healthcare to the fore in the most dramatic way and more than ever, we realise the importance of good health and, in its absence, the value we place upon our healthcare workers.

Even without COVID the challenges our NHS and other healthcare providers face are significant:

  •  growing population
  • changing healthcare needs
  • expanding hospital/healthcare network
  • rising costs of medical advance
  • budgetary pressures
  • closure of local services.

The impact of the pandemic

COVID has also opened our eyes to the impact of a global pandemic, and we can’t say with confidence we won’t face another one. With inadequate staff numbers, huge workloads, burnout and the distress caused by caring for huge numbers of COVID patients, the pressures are increasing. There’s little room for administration and certainly none for administrative error, which often accompanies manual procedures and manual data entry.

The move to digital transformation which underpins every aspect of our professional and personal lives today offers capabilities such as data capture and insight, AI and automation which can make our lives easier. Particularly our working lives. Automation can be harnessed to support manual and administrative processes, taking some of the strain and enabling people to focus on their immediate priorities. When it comes to healthcare, this can be a godsend for the harried healthcare worker.

Contract explosion

Contracts in healthcare – as in many industries – are increasing at pace. With a drive to privatise healthcare in some areas, insurance contracts are critical. PPE provision has increased the number of suppliers that healthcare providers use, and is likely to remain as long as COVID does.

Healthcare contract management software

Healthcare contract management software can help reduce the need for manual input and intervention. At Four, our chosen contract management software, Contract Insight offers a secure, flexible platform ensure compliance and helps healthcare providers proactively manage high volumes of expiring agreements and renewal dates and cancellation timelines with email alerts.

Contract Insight

Contract Insight is backed by excellent customer service from Four, and enables:

  • proactive management of high volumes of expiring agreements, key renewal dates, and cancellation timelines across many departments with email alerts
  • secure distribution of files by email for one-click access and automated approvals
  • integration of e-signatures to speed up the signing process
  • a centralised, easily searchable and secure contract repository for document access – anywhere, anytime with one flat fee
  • an intuitive user interface, backed by excellent customer service, and a flexible platform in a secure environment that meets compliance standards.

Contract Insight is trusted by leading hospitals, healthcare professionals and by insurance providers alike. Please click here to find out more about Contract Insight.

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