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Technology helps everyone work smarter. But at Four, we passionately believe that people come first. Our services start with listening and talking. From there, through
IT consultancy to training and e-learning, everything we offer is designed to inspire, motivate and drive your business forward.


IT Consultancy

Great relationships based on trust and built over the long-term have allowed us to truly help our clients deal with all manner of business issues. Find out more about our consultancy services here.

helpdesk and system support

Helpdesk & System Support

Four’s helpdesk service is reliable, friendly and there to make sure your investment is wholly supported. Our dedicated consultants can be there to back you up 24/7. Read about the wide range of support we provide.

private cloud

Private Cloud Solutions

Four’s cloud solutions offer a powerful solution for organisations that want robust, scalable, easy-to-deploy systems without complex, costly overheads. Read on for a more detailed overview.

technical consultancy

Technical Consultancy

Technical problems need simple solutions and throwing people at the problem often fails. Four understand this and solve problems the smart way. Find out more about our method here.

Tender Managemnt 1

Project Management

Good project management is a vital part of success and Four’s consultants are experts at it. Learn more about our techniques for sharing and communicating on planning, to make sure the whole organisation gets behind a project.

integration data

Integration & Development

Discover how Four can define a vision for your workflow, procurement, integration and contract management solution and how, when you start working with us, close collaboration will enable us to build you a truly useful business platform and the quickest possible return on your investment.

upgrade services

Upgrade Services

Standing still is not an option on the IT superhighway. Find out why Four’s approach is to make small improvements annually, to avoid breakdowns and to make sure your business needs are being completely met.

training and elearning

Training & E-Learning

Four’s training programmes are designed to be dynamic, engaging and invaluable to every client. Our state-of-the-art learning options range from flexible, on-site teaching to a suite of e-learning courses which can be adapted to global businesses across any language.

account management

Account Management

Four understand that having someone to look after your day-to-day issues, and share your business requirements, is essential. Read more about how our account managers use their wealth of experience to become an invaluable part of every client’s success.