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Optimise performance and maximise return with integrated financial management and digital contract management solutions

At Four we know that every business, big or small, is unique. We offer a suite of high-tech applications for:

By designing a tailored solution for every customer, Four can exactly meet your needs including software, training, integration services, ongoing helpdesk support, and maintenance.

‘We believe that people are at the heart of any business.
That’s why everything we do starts with a conversation.’ 

John OBrien, CEO

Some of our customers' success stories

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Did you know that installing a mobile phone tower costs more than $100,000? Neither did we, but our consultants relished the chance to learn more about the telecoms industry when Four Business Solutions started working with TIGO.

“We loved to see our staff so much more productive, after just half an hour’s training!”

Andrew Hodgson, CFO


“Four helped us deploy a contract management solution that has improved the processing, management and visibility of all our contract work. As a pharmaceutical business, we have to be able to properly manage risk, which this gives us. Four have been a real pleasure to work with and we now intend to use them across the rest of our group.”

Taposh Bhattacharya, Project Manager

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“Four have built sophisticated interfaces for us that integrate our asset, repairs, procurement and financial solutions. They work with both our finance team and contractors to ensure we comply with all relevant regulations but maintain a fully integrated, self-billing procurement and contractor payment solution.”
Tesco Maintenance
Sayf Al-Tahan,Financial Manager

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