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Cutting through the complex with integrated business solutions

‘Our success is built on values like trust, teamwork and vision. We believe that people are at the heart of any business. That’s why everything we do starts with a conversation.’   John OBrien, CEO

Working with Four:
  • Celtel made a $23 million saving in the first year with integrated solutions from Four
  • 2600 Tesco stores now use a Four interface to manage the costs and administration for every repair and item of maintenance of their £80 billion estate
  • Booker Makro due to go live soon as a key part of the Tesco portfolio
  • 150 NHS hospitals use a solution deployed by Four consultants to simplify nurse and staff rota processes.
At Four, we want to get to know you. We don’t offer standard solutions. We believe that every business, big or small, is unique. Yes, we have a suite of high-tech applications for workflow, supply chain procurement and contract management. But we also design a tailored solution for every customer – to exactly meet their needs – including software, training and integration services. Find out more about Four here

Our Latest Whitepaper

Four’s latest whitepaper on business process improvement is called ‘making the case for contract management software’. Follow the link below to read it.

Our customers


Did you know that installing a mobile phone tower costs more than $100,000? Neither did we, but our consultants relished the chance to learn more about the telecoms industry when Four Business Solutions started working with TIGO.

“We loved to see our staff so much more productive, after just half an hour’s training!”

Andrew Hodgson, CFO


“Four helped us deploy a contract management solution that has improved the processing, management and visibility of all our contract work. As a pharmaceutical business, we have to be able to properly manage risk, which this gives us. Four have been a real pleasure to work with and we now intend to use them across the rest of our group.”

Taposh Bhattacharya, Project Manager


“Four have built sophisticated interfaces for us that integrate our asset, repairs, procurement and financial solutions. They work with both our finance team and contractors to ensure we comply with all relevant regulations but maintain a fully integrated, self-billing procurement and contractor payment solution.”
Tesco Maintenance
Sayf Al-Tahan,Financial Manager

Our latest blogs

Government contract management success from start to finish

Managing government contracts with disparate processes such as shared drives, email, disorganised documents, and disorderly spreadsheets can prove challenging and leave your organisation vulnerable to undue risk. Public contract managers implementing such disparate contract management methods can transform their processes and maximise their budget by fiscal year-end by investing in a robust contract management software system that can seamlessly evolve with their organisations’ needs. Contract management professionals can streamline their processes with the help of an end-to-end government contract management software suite.

The eight stages of the contract lifecycle

Contracts are legally binding – and thus need to be executed properly. As such, organisations should be equipped with a thorough understanding of the contract lifecycle. The contract lifecycle is the process under which a contract is authored, reviewed, sent for signature, executed, and – potentially – renewed. The “lifecycle” is an archetype used to compartmentalise and understand a contract’s complex evolution. The lifecycle begins with contract requests and concludes when said requests are fulfilled – with the possibility of contract renewal. Learn about the eight stages of the contract lifecycle below.

Contract Lifecycle Automation – end-to-end CLM efficiency

Managing the contract lifecycle from requests to renewals can prove difficult with spreadsheets, emails, filing cabinets, and other disparate tools and systems. Without accountability, visibility, a clearly defined process and actionable insights, organisations can find themselves running into compliance issues, not realising contract value, and encountering other setbacks. Contract lifecycle management requires careful planning, the right technology, a well-planned contract strategy, and holistic contract lifecycle automation processes. Thankfully, robust contract management software with a foundation of AI and machine learning can help automate contract lifecycle management processes.

Three vendor management best practices for cutting costs right now

Managing vendors with manual and disparate processes such as spreadsheets, phone calls, emails, and paper-based filing systems can prove challenging. Without a centralised electronic process, vendor management workflow bottlenecks can significantly decrease your organisation’s profitability. Fortunately, leading-edge vendor management software can help increase your vendor profitability by leveraging cost-saving vendor management best practices. Read on to discover three vendor management best practices you can implement immediately to help increase your organisation’s ROI.

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