Bespoke consultancy solutions

At Four, we play a key role in the strategic direction taken by many of our clients, especially when it comes to the rapidly-changing world of digital technology. Our consultancy solutions are based around true partnership – we believe in getting to know the people we’re working for and creating long-term relationships, based on deep understanding of the issues and challenges they face.

When you come to Four, our consultants become your colleagues and our team listens and responds at every touchpoint of your project. Our goal is to keep all of our customers working faster, smarter and up-to-date with the latest in cloud-based and mobile technologies, fully implemented and supported at every stage by Four’s consultants.

Our consultancy process

Typically, the first thing we do with any new customer is carry out information-gathering. Our consultants spend time looking at your business challenges, your user requirements and your functional needs, to ensure we’ve understood exactly where you are. As part of this process, we might hold workshops, encourage white boarding and brainstorming, or we might hold individual interviews to make sure we take key stakeholder views on board. These individual elements will make up a bespoke, comprehensive solution to address your unique business challenges.

The next phase is to examine key processes and analyse data – this means we can highlight any embedded issues early on. As a result, we can quickly take preventative action, training your staff and putting any processes necessary in place to protect your business. At the end of this process we define the genuine solutions you need. Only then do we start to discuss business process improvement (BPI).

All our IT consultancy solutions draw on the latest Microsoft and Oracle technologies, which we’ve tried and tested, and have found most beneficial for our customers.