Our team

Four’s professional consultants are some of the best in the industry, with a prestigious record of supplying strategy, operations and business process improvement applications, consulting to a broad range of corporate and non-profit customers.Our team refuses to believe that any challenge is too difficult. We’ve helped clients achieve startling success in varied projects, from delivering electronic cash in mobile phones across Africa to minute-by-minute integration of retail repairs across UK stores.

Above all, our experts are dedicated to helping our clients prepare for the changing future. We have lived through some of the most exciting technological times and we still believe there’s no limit to what can be dreamed, delivered and experienced.

John 2

John O’Brien

John is Managing Director of Four Business Solutions which he co-founded with Shaun Cassidy in 2003. John’s philosophy has…


Shaun Cassidy

In 2003 Shaun co-founded Four Business Solutions, principally a software development company with a passion for workflow