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Contract Insight – trusted legal contract management software

As legal, you hold a tremendous responsibility within your organisation – especially with managing internal stakeholders and maintaining efficient processes with external stakeholders.  Relying on disparate and manual contract management
Posted  on January 14, 2021
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Maximise user permissions oversight with contract management software

If your organisation is planning on leveraging contract management software, it’s crucial your team knows how to oversee user permissions effectively.  The terms of many contracts necessitate user permissions parameters to
Posted  on December 31, 2020
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Contract writing with Contract Insight’s intelligent clause application

Contract writing – also known as contract authoring – is a critical stage of the contract lifecycle.  The contract writing process involves contract parties putting into written copy the terms of
Posted  on December 28, 2020
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Six critical contract management tools for 2021

2021 has arrived, and with it come new innovations to your contract management software processes.  With this is mind, we’ve outlined six critical contract management tools that your organisation should equip itself
Posted  on December 10, 2020
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Small business contract management made easy

Are you a small business owner?  Do you manage contracts in your business?  Regardless of the position or size of the small business you’re part of, contracts are integral to
Posted  on December 8, 2020
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This is contract management in 2021

2021 is rapidly approaching, and with it innovations and enhancements to contract management automation.  We have added some user-friendly, future-minded and industry-advancing contract management software features, processes and best practices to Contract Insight
Posted  on December 5, 2020
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Vendor COI tracking is easy with vendor management software

Is your current vendor COI tracking (certificate of insurance tracking) process time-consuming? Tedious? Error-prone? Well, you can leave tiresome COI tracking methods behind by leveraging leading vendor management software to easily track
Posted  on December 1, 2020
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Continued innovation with Contract Insight 17.7.1

Contract Insight® Enterprise Version 17.7.1 – has arrived, bringing new features and enhancements to improve your contract management software suite. To help your organisation meet and exceed contract management, procurement and vendor
Posted  on November 20, 2020
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Experience end-to-end purchase order management

Purchasing teams can find it challenging to maintain clear communication and manage purchase orders using mostly disparate and manual processes – such as paper-based filing systems, phone calls, emails, and
Posted  on November 17, 2020
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Taking on healthcare contract management during the COVID crisis

Manual healthcare contract management processes can increase cost and liability, leak and decrease revenue, and bring about negative patient and personnel experiences.  Outdated strategies can scupper a seamless contract lifecycle. Luckily, future-minded contract lifecycle
Posted  on November 12, 2020
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Education contract management in the face of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has left educational institutions in a state of disarray.  In these unprecedented times, your education contract managers – especially when overseeing contract management teams remotely – can’t
Posted  on November 2, 2020
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Legal contract management for virtually ever bit and byte you use

General counsel and your legal team face growing contract volume and contract complexity.  The lack of an efficient legal contract management process can throw up obstacles that legal departments like
Posted  on October 28, 2020