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Software solutions for education institutions and government bodies

Universities, schools and other academic and government institutions face unique contract management challenges, to say nothing of tight budgets, staff reductions and procurement pressures. Four provides a streamlined, automated solution to  address these and to help with the difficult task of establishing and maintaining formal business relationships with suppliers and providers of goods and services.

Contract Insight

Contract Insight offers a better way to keep track of price/cost schedules, document management, rebate tracking and the overall contracting process within every educational institution. It supports processes, providing smooth transitions, high adoption rates and rapid time-to-value, to easily bridge the gap between procurement, legal and contract administrators. It also supports the increasingly mobile workforces across education and government.

Contract Insight tracks contracts by location, manages vendors and vendor approvals, identifies key dates with alerts, collaborates on contracts across multiple departments and provides document templates for contract authoring.

Using the software, educational establishments and government bodies can drive openness, transparency and accountability for public contracts, records and other important documents.