Cloud solutions

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Cloud solutions offer an intelligent answer for organisations that want robust, scalable, easy-to-deploy systems set up around the company without the overheads of servers, maintenance, security and data recovery. We offer procurement, contract management and ERP solutions which are private and cloud-based, so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Cost-effective and secure, but exclusively yours so that integration, active directory, database management and service management remain yours to define and control.

One of the great advantages of cloud software is that you don’t need a service provider to maintain the site, which saves considerably on costs and reduces security anxieties. It can also be rapidly rolled out to users within your organisation, and only requires minimal intervention from your IT department. Typically, cloud security systems can also include integral billing tools which make tracking your usage far easier than trying to keep a desk-based spreadsheet.

Private cloud software is well suited to businesses that operate in a dynamic environment, requiring flexible computing which can respond quickly to the demands and challenges of the job.

Software as a service – SaaS

SaaS offers enterprises like yours the option to host applications and services in the cloud, taking away the burden of on-site or on-premise infrastructure. Compared to standard software SaaS can bring your business huge benefits at a fraction of the cost. SaaS is tailor-made for contract management systems (CMS). CMS often contain highly sensitive information, with all the attendant security concerns that securing data brings. Choosing SaaS instead of on-premise hosting enables you to offload all your security concerns to a data centre, which in turn relieves significant pressure on your day-to-day business.

With Contract Insight Enterprise edition, our contract management software solution, we give you the option either to host your contract management solution in the cloud at our own data centre, or in-house where you manage the software installation and maintenance yourself.

SaaS from Four

SaaS deployment from Four gives your organisation rapid access to Contract Insight, at a fraction of the price compared to standard software licensing agreements. With low monthly fees and no large, up-front capital expenditure, you gain access to a feature-rich, web-based application. A comprehensive, end-to-end solution, SaaS deployment of Contract Insight offers a secure system for mission-critical data anywhere, giving you anytime access to data using nothing more than a web browser or smartphone. All the database preparation, the requirements gathering, the disk-space allocation, the website set-up and other requirements consistent with hosting software are handled by our dedicated consultants.

SaaS business needs and benefits
  • top-tier software without expensive start up costs
  • significant in-house savings on IT infrastructure, third-party software, data integrity, data redundancy, disaster recovery, IT personnel
  • low total cost of ownership
  • secured and redundant data
  • legacy data migration
  • enhanced performance and security
  • minimised technology lock-in risks
  • worry-free, hassle-free updates and upgrades
  • secure anywhere, anytime access
  • organisational focus on core business
  • adaptation to evolving business needs
  • enhanced risk mitigation and compliance
  • rapid time to production
  • API integration with legacy solutions
  • configure and import data faster with direct consultancy and support.
Next steps

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