When you start working with Four, we’ll define a vision for your workflow, procurement, integration and contract management solution. Together, we’ll determine your goals, objectives and the constraints for the project. Close collaboration between your business and the Four project team is essential. We will place our experts on site with you for a significant proportion of time, so you can give us instant feedback.

Project consultancy

Four uses the latest development environments and software, for improved productivity, quality, scalability, maintainability and ease of use.
Our application consultants are some of the best in the industry, with years of relevant experience. All our projects are tested for functionality by end users, to minimise risk and ensure their needs have been met; plus, of course, your vital corporate objectives.

Team effort

We have implemented BPI solutions across huge global organisations. But whatever the size of a business, our approach is to get everyone involved. For example, we like to create project champions, from junior colleagues to senior managers. Good staged communication is key to mitigating the common issues of ownership and user uptake. We often use one or two sites to prepare detailed blueprints, so the rest of the group can be rolled out easily, with your own staff if appropriate. And Four never forgets training; skills must be transferred so that a Four solution never ends up being ‘shelfware’.


Individual business applications will boost your organisation’s results. But the greatest benefits come when you integrate them, potentially eliminating days of delays. Four draws on the latest software technologies and integration standards to link systems together into a truly useful business platform. We have developed software to assist with the rapid deployment of interfaces for our SunSystems, procurement, contract management and workflow solutions, for the quickest possible return on your investment.