Energy and utilities

Energy, oil and gas software solutions

Four Business Solutions offer contract management and other software solutions to help streamline and automate the entire contract lifecycle for the energy and utilities industries. The cost of compliance for energy and utilities industries – at a time when they are under increased regulatory scrutiny – is significant. With the need to manage large numbers of high value supplier contracts, these industries face huge challenges in trying to stay fully compliant. Smart contract management solutions offering automated compliance, advanced analytics and real-time contract visibility are a must for forward-thinking energy companies,  with the added benefit of helping avoid large fines and penalties for non-compliance which will impact the bottom line.

Contract Insight – our contract management software – enables:

  • document managing and contract drafting
  • searching and contract reporting
  • regulatory compliance and tracking
  • auto-email, tasks and calendar alerts
  • auto-extraction and user-defined fields
  • intelligent workflow management
  • price and cost tracking
  • online negotiations with electronic signatures.

Maximise your business agility, your contract and your ROI by bringing your entire contract ecosystem onto our contract management platform. Find out more about Contract Insight here.