Technical support

Many technical problems can take a disproportionate amount of time to resolve, especially if your team members are not fully au fait with SQL. Adjustments made on your domain server can affect the SQL database. At Four, we ensure our dedicated technical consultants – with over twenty years’ experience – fully understand your solution and document any interdependencies, so they can quickly identify the fix needed, isolate it and make the requisite changes to ensure full technical support whenever you need it.

Helpdesk features

Remote or on-site

We use this remote access to show you how to solve the problem or, for more complex issues, we can investigate quickly and efficiently via VPN onto the database. Proactive telephone contact from us comes as standard support.

Customer events

Sharing experiences with other customers can give you crucial insights. We offer a User Group membership, where we talk about issues linked to your software, and keep you to up-to-date with product developments and technology news. We also run seminars/webinars that encourage a collaborative approach to business issues between our customers.

Software upgrades

Four installs patches and upgrades from the software manufacturer. Any such upgrades are part of your annual maintenance contract.

Disaster recovery

Four will help with all your continuity needs, including recovery plan design, dry runs, testing and configuration changes. In the event of an outage, we’ll get you back up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Systems audit

This service is designed to assess your use of your software and identify any immediate problems, as well as suggest how you could better utilise your system. It also highlights any ‘Teaming and Lading’ concerns and is a valuable, documented process to reassure auditors, shareholders or trustees.

RDBMS/database support

Our dedicated help desk consultants can provide training and support for MS SQL Server and remote diagnostics support. Additionally, we provide database-tuning services for both MS SQL Server and Oracle.

Extended telephone support

Our IT helpdesk is open from 9.00-17.30, five days a week. A full 24×7 service is available if required, on either a temporary or permanent basis.