Client services

We put communication at the heart of our client services, closely followed by risk identification and management, resource and cost control.  At Four, we understand the need to keep the whole team informed so that every stakeholder has the facts at their fingertips.

We break client services down into three key areas:

  • account management
  • project management
  • maintenance and updates.

Account management

Four Business Solutions understands that, when it comes to Account Management, customers want a service that provides costs, technical requirements, resources and timescales that align to their project needs. Beyond this though, we believe that communication is key and that having someone to look after your day to day issues, keep you informed on product developments and share your evolving business needs is what makes the difference between success and failure.

Our account managers have a wealth of experience helping clients formulate ideas and developments, and checking the viability of the project as it evolves. They also have a passion for your business success. As specialists, they will proactively make you aware of any potential issues and changes in relevant products or industries. By working in close partnership with clients, we quickly build a level of trust and reliability that ensures we have the highest client retention rates.

If anything goes wrong, one of our consultants will be your reliable backstop, working to get the problem resolved and putting the necessary resources in place so that everything is back on track asap. And we really do aim to be part of your team – to celebrate milestones, successes, and of course, project delivery.

Project management

As work progresses, communication remains the key to aligning resources and keeping the project on track. Four uses simple project trackers, which show the progress and position with supporting detail at a glance. Emails and forms are essential, but we never forget the importance of picking up the phone or walking over to someone’s desk to talk. We keep  passion for your project high, our team’s commitment is consistently positive and your account is taken care of every step of the way.

Maintenance and updates

IT systems and business continue to evolve and mature, so we ensure that upgrades are part of your annual product audit and update. Four’s approach is to make small improvements, with regular housekeeping so that ‘breakdown’ is rare and when it occurs the fix is easy. IT systems affect people every day, so routine maintenance is critical to ensure your business requirements are still being effectively met, your user experience is the best that it can be, and that your systems can be easily adapted to reflect any new business requirements.