Document management software

Effective document management software

Is your organisation swimming in paper? An electronic document management solution  is like a really efficient secretary; documents are read, actioned, filed and stored for the next time they are required – effortlessly, simply and without losing any along the way. It has the potential to produce an astonishing change in your business and reduce the stress of managing paper, time, money and space. Four’s paperless, digital solutions put you back in control, so you can focus on running your business.

Many companies dream of a near-paperless office, but struggle to achieve the goal. Our consultants make it happen, deploying Contract Insight software, used by Fortune 500 companies. Contract Insight is configurable, scalable and can be up and running in days. Many customers see a dramatic return on investment within two months.

How can Four help?

Document management software is the only way to stop your business choking on paper. If you want to know how many sheets of paper you have in the business, just calculate how many reams you buy each year. It’s a great measure and a frightening fact.

A document management solution separates the documents from your daily emails and general correspondence and creates order out of chaos. Filing cabinets can be replaced with more desks or a coffee station. And when it comes to a contract, invoice, employee record or any other document, you’ll have standards and electronic handling, so every document is handled swiftly, keeping your business efficient and profitable.

  • Cross-company shared workspace
  • Document authorisations
  • Simple scan and file
  • Advanced reporting and analysis metrics
  • Sophisticated document workflow and alerts
  • User defined metadata
  • Data tables and dashboards
  • Secure repository
  • Electronic signature and many other features you may anticipate in a rich, easy to use solution.