Workflow success management

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A successful contract management system deployment depends upon a detailed workflow management plan to help you get the most out of your new CMS. We’ve harnessed our years of experience to design a roadmap which will help you achieve this – it’s based on our three key objectives, detailed below.

Worfklow management helps to centralise contracts and committals

Contract storage software makes workflow management easier. Your entire organisation will benefit from an accessible, centrally-located repository for contracts, committals and agreements. This is the critical first step to provide real-time visibility to users across all levels and divisions. Standardisations are definable by your own business processes, and can be applied to our enterprise contract management system.

Define policies and streamline workflow

By clearly defining policies for contract management, you can quickly realise higher productivity and timeliness in preparation, execution and maintenance. Contract Insight’s clause library and contract templates provides pre-approved contract language and term libraries. Our contract data management system streamlines usage and helps you eliminate non-standard language, vastly mitigating your exposure to unnecessary risk.

Automate contract-related processes

Contract Insight’s integrated reporting and analysis tools allow you to manage your contracts in every stage of the lifecycle. By automatically capturing data up front, you can ensure accuracy of information, and eliminate manual processes to reduce time to completion. User-based decisions from separate and incomplete spreadsheets will no longer be roadblocks. Tasks associated with the creation and maintenance of your agreements can quickly be automated within your business system. This ensures accurate, timely delivery of information to users who need it, with the tracking to know precisely the contract lifecycle position of every contract. Automated workflow management will save time, money and bring in significant ROI.