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A contract has the potential to produce an astonishing performance. But if you don’t look after the detail, all that promise could melt away. Four’s paperless, cloud-based, digital solutions put you back in control, so you can focus on coming first, every time.


Contract Lifecycle Management

Find out more about Contract Insight, the software that Fortune 500 companies rely on to manage their contracts, committals and agreements.

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Customer Case Studies

Four’s customers tell us that Contract Insight give their businesses complete digital control, and outstanding levels of customer service. Click here to read their stories.

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Tender Management

Tendering and contract management go hand in hand. Read on to see how our state-of-the-art solution could save your company hundreds of hours of time and resources.

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Benefits of Contract Management

Contract Insight provides an enterprise-class, web-based solution that is highly robust and scalable. It offers unprecedented flexibility and functionality to business users at all levels. Read more here.

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Workflow: Roadmap To Success

Discover the three efficient, effective steps that will take you from a paper-crammed filing cabinet to a swift, profitable contract management system, in just a few weeks.

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Contract Insight Enterprise Edition is designed to help your organisation achieve the full suite of benefits related to software-assisted contract management. Browse the full details now.

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Strategic Planning

Not sure if our solution is right for you? Four offers system planning services to help assess your contract management requirements and create a customised implementation plan. Get a taster here.

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Data Import

Transferring data to your new system doesn’t have to be hard work. Our data import specialists can look after everything when it comes to moving crucial records into Contract Insight. Find out what they do here.

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Software As A Service

What is a SaaS system and how can it bring your business huge benefits at a fraction of the cost compared to standard software? Click to read more.



Find out how Four’s Rapid Deployment Methodology gets our Contract Insight solution up and running quickly and with minimum stress for any business, of any size.

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Four works with clients every step of the way to make sure a solution is customised and optimised to fit your specific needs. Learn more about configuration and customisation here.

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Training Overview

Four’s flexible education and training options are designed to maximise your investment by improving the efficiency and productivity of business users. More details in this section.