The emergence of cloud-based technology has positively transformed the way contract management and procurement professionals select the software they need to support business process improvement. But how?

Security is paramount when it comes to contract management and the storage of sensitive data.  Your contract management process must protect your data while ensuring permissions-based access is not compromised.  Additionally, assistance from experts regarding hosting and security should be readily available.  In this article, we look at three benefits of SaaS (or cloud-based) deployment of our contract management software Contract Insight®.

1. Fast, straightforward database integration with cloud-based deployment

Cloud-based deployment allows your business to host data within SaaS data centres.  A cloud-based solution such as Contract Insight supports your team with data migration of legacy imports. This means your busy IT team can focus on other tasks. And without the need for access to client networks, configuration times are shortened.

2.  Safe and secure in the cloud with embedded compliance

Advancements in technology have created boundless opportunities that companies globally continuously leverage for software development.  However, in taking advantage of the latest tech trends, it’s essential that organisations keep their clients’ best interests at heart.  Risk assessment and management is key to first-rate customer service, to say nothing of business reputation. In offering a SaaS or deployed software solution, we understand the importance of implementing detailed policies and procedures to protect key data.  That’s why Contract Insight® users can breathe easy with the knowledge that we observe best practice in:

  • organisational oversight
  • supplier management
  • internal governance
  • risk management
  • regulatory oversight.

3. Cloud access on-site and on the go

Mobile-friendly technology continues to streamline and optimise business processes by giving us the option to take care of business in the office, on a plane, at a café – basically, wherever we are, whenever we need to.  With our SaaS solution, you can securely access Contract Insight in the cloud when you have Wi-Fi or data access available.

Contract Insight: contract management software from Four

Contract Insight® is an advanced contract lifecycle management software backed by AI that allows you to manage, track and draft contracts faster, and automate and streamline the entire contract lifecycle with flexible features such as contract authoring, workflow and version tracking.  Supercharge your contract lifecycle management methods now with a free demo of leading, AI powered cloud-based software from Four Business Solutions.

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John O’Brien is the CEO at Four Business Solutions, global business consultants and software integrators providing business processes improvements in Finance, Supply Chain and Operations, across a broad range of industries.