The usual underwhelming British summer has been and gone. Early days of prolonged sun gave way to sun, showers, biblical rain and the occasional thunderstorm. Not that any weather forecast can be relied upon. We did finally experience a mini heatwave later in early September but we still know to keep an umbrella in the car at all times.

Although in many ways this is a familiar picture and it feels like business as usual, things are changing, perceptibly. If like me you took your family holiday to Europe earlier in the summer, you’ll be feeling glad you did. We’re quite used to dramatic rhetoric around climate change, but the truth is Europe is burning. It’s not just Europe, but Europe is closer to home for many of us and apparently, as a continent, it’s heating up faster than anywhere else.

Even the phrase climate change is having a moment of transformation. Climate emergency is the new label we’re being urged to adopt. It does sound rather extreme as a description, but it’s certainly hard to ignore wildfires, rescue flights and holidays being cancelled, especially if we or someone we know has been personally affected by the events of the summer.

Any movement requires a radical approach, generally in the form of one visionary individual, to overcome scepticism, move into the mainstream and be accepted by the majority. There’s been a lot of rhetoric around Greta Thunsberg and her sometimes divisive climate change activities. More recently the dramatic and disruptive protests of Just Stop Oil have taken all the headlines. But love them, hate them, or just plain annoyed by them, it’s clear that globally we really need to sit up and take notice.  

The tipping point generally comes when a situation, circumstance, or event starts to affect the daily lives of the common people. It’s clear we’re at this point. However, for most of us, it’s difficult to appreciate the scale of what’s unfolding, amidst sensationalist and contradictory headlines. But the general sense of unease – to say nothing of the high costs of energy – and of general living is palpable.

Since the Great Resignation during the COVID-19 pandemic, even our working lives, traditions and practices have shifted considerably. Thank goodness then for things that we can rely upon. For firm ground in a shifting landscape. Even something like software that we know we can trust can make our daily lives feel more secure.

Contract management software from Four is exactly this. Contract Insight can help you streamline your working day, and automate your practices. Which in an uncertain world is exactly the anchor you need to free you up so that you can focus all your energies on the task at hand.

Real-time visibility into contracts can help you manage complex processes so that you can make informed decisions about your organisation’s future. And paperless, cloud-based digital solutions are better for the environment. Contract Insight’s flexibility and functionality can help ensure your enterprise meets the changing regulatory standards which are driven by external events. And it makes team collaboration easy which in the remote and hybrid working world is one less problem to deal with.

If you’d like to find out more about how Contract Insight can help your business, we’d be delighted to talk to you. Why not get in touch?

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