Four provide comprehensive support and training to ensure you can take full advantage of our bespoke business solutions. Our support staff will resolve any issues quickly, and help you respond swiftly to your changing business needs.

Support includes:

  • web-based project and call tracking
  • email and phone helpdesk support
  • web-based support knowledge base plus support forums
  • web-based access to latest online documentation plus interactive support.

Our training courses are designed to maximise your investment by improving the efficiency and productivity of your business users. Training courses are designed for new users seeking guidance, and seasoned users requiring a refresher course; we also offer training for Contract Insight users looking to address their changing contract management needs.

The detail

As a starting point we provide courses with a template-based agenda, designed to produce excellent results based on our best practices. You can easily adjust and modify these agendas to meet your specific business requirements.

  • Classroom

Comprehensive, flexible training to address your specific deployment, either on site, or at our dedicated training centre in Windsor. This is a detail-oriented approach, easily configured to meet your needs.

  • General

Each class is instructor-led by one or more of our training specialists, and is scheduled and priced on a per day basis, providing the dedicated time necessary for knowledge transfer among employees and business users.

  • Online

The quickest, most cost-effective option. Your users will receive comprehensive training, tailored to your particular deployment, entirely online. These sessions can be tailored to fit the time that you have available. Online training plays a key part for global organisations where standardisation is key and different languages are modified.

Knowledge transfer

Most successful businesses understand that training is a pre-requisite for a system to work well. It also encourages staff to progress within the business, and employees and customers all benefit. But the transfer of knowledge can falter when employees leave and new personnel join. Successful succession planning can plug this gap, and Four encourage all clients to conduct periodic training sessions.

Contact us

Please get in touch so that we can discuss your training needs and ensure business process improvement.