Verisae training

Four will create a comprehensive training program designed specifically for your contractors and employees needs. We specialise in training your entire team, inclusive of both internal technicians and contractors. We’ve rolled out training material to thousands of Verisae users, and helped deploy their systems to a clear, standardised and collaborative programme.

Our e-learning and online tests ensure you have a ready source of collateral and online assistance to support the technicians and contractors working on your sites.
You will be further supported by the Four helpdesk which can guide users through the complexities of completing work orders, permits to work and submitting self-billing invoices for payment.

We have consistently found that short simple movies covering the key points are the best way to ensure your technicians quickly understand how to use Verisae. See below for some examples of the e-learning movies we’ve created.

Verisae mobile training videos

The following four videos aim to show you how to use Verisae easily and effectively. They cover the following topics:

  • How to login
  • How to alter user preferences
  • Searching specific work orders
  • Finding outstanding work orders
  • Changing ETA
  • Site visits
  • Logging notes.

Training video 1

A short video that walks you through the steps for logging into Verisae, changing your password and selecting other user preferences. It also demonstrates navigation through the application, and use of the search function to view specific work orders.

Training video 2

Before starting work on a work order, a work permit is required. This video shows step-by-step instructions for completing and submitting the permit.

Training video 3

A step-by-step guide, which enables your engineer to record the time and relevant details in the work order and submit the complete order, or indicate that further work is required.

Training video 4

This short video shows you how to alter an ETA for your engineer, and walks you through logging a note in an existing work order.

Next steps

If you’re interested in a further discussion, or simply want to discuss a challenge you’re currently facing, please complete our online contact form with a brief outline of your query and one of our team will call you to help. Thank you for your interest!