Four Weekly Tech Newsletter – Dec 13

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Lead articles from December 13

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Artificial intelligence: what's in store for 2021?

This was a banner week for AI (Artificial Intelligence). The reason? Well, came public and soared on its debut. It’s certainly a validation of the importance of enterprise AI. Keep in mind that provides comprehensive software solutions and services for a myriad of large companies, including 3M, Royal Dutch Shell, Raytheon, Baker Hughes and conEdison. “The use of AI and data analytics will become increasingly important in IT as organizations aim to deliver seamless support and predictive capabilities”

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The Apple car is now officially an AI project

This fall has seen a fantastic array of new products from Apple, ranging from new Apple Watches and iPads to the 5G iPhone 12 lineup to the insanely powerful Apple Silicon MacBooks, and with all of this going on it may be easy to forget that Apple still has at least a couple of much farther-reaching projects that it’s quietly working on behind the scenes. Chief among these of course is Project Titan, more colloquially known as the “Apple Car” — an ambitious project that’s been in the works for at least 7 years

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How to protect your company against phishing attacks 2020

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, criminals are targeting people working from home and phishing attacks have risen dramatically. Employees working from home are vulnerable to cyber attacks since they can’t reach IT Teams directly, and they lack some security tools at home.  In this blog, I am going to discuss how can you protect your company against phishing attacks in 2020. Phishing attacks are one of the most dangerous threats to companies. According to a security report, in China, 34.43 billion phishing emails had been received in 2019. %68.5 more than in 2018. According to statistics, in 3 years, companies in the US and other 177 countries have suffered over 25Billion dollars worth of losses.

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3 universal use cases of Robotic Process Automation

Automation is on everyone’s minds these days; Employers need it for better ROI and employees for better productivity at work. But the traditional way of automating tasks through software is cumbersome and inefficient. Listing out tasks and developing APIs so systems can contribute to performing repeatable actions takes a lot of time and effort that is not available in the current fast-paced world. RPA or Robotic Process Automation helps people automate their tasks. Today we will see how organizations can use RPA around the globe the automate all kinds of tasks.

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How banks use AI to catch criminals and detect bias

Imagine an algorithm that reviews thousands of financial transactions every second and flags the fraudulent ones. This is something that has become possible thanks to advances in AI in recent years, and it is a very attractive value proposition for banks that are flooded with huge amounts of daily transactions and a growing challenge of fighting financial crime, money laundering, financing of terrorism, and corruption.The benefits of AI are not completely free. Companies that use AI to detect and prevent crime also deal with new challenges, such as algorithmic bias, a problem that happens when an AI algorithm causes systemic disadvantage for a group of a specific gender, ethnicity, or religion.


Elon Musk on self-driving cars, AI oversight and his 'ad for Mars'

Tesla CEO Elon Musk sat down with Mathias Döpfner, the CEO of Business Insider’s parent company, Axel Springer, to discuss the prospect of a self-driving car revolution, the deep implications of artificial intelligence, and his ambitions for space exploration.  “I’m definitely not trying to take anyone’s steering wheel away from them,” Musk said, clarifying his bullish stance on self-driving cars. The tech billionaire also warned, “We need to be careful with the advent of AI. And who’s using it, and who controls it, and is it going to be in the best interest of the people?”