Four Weekly Tech Newsletter – Jan 31

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Lead articles from January 31

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10 technology trends in 2021

While global economic and social uncertainties in 2020 caused significant stress, progress in intelligent technologies continued. The digital and intelligent transformation of all industries significantly accelerated, with AI technologies showing great potential in combatting COVID-19 and helping people resume work. Understanding future technology trends may never have been as important as it is today.

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What happened when AI and humans met in a strawberry-growing contest?

Strawberries can be easy to grow – especially, it seems, if you’re an algorithm. When farmers in China competed to grow the fruit with technology including machine learning and artificial intelligence, the machines won, by some margin.Data scientists produced 196% more strawberries by weight on average compared with traditional farmers.

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All about symbolic artificial intelligence

No doubt, Artificial Intelligence is gaining popularity with every passing day. With more and more advancements cropping up in this area and the immense scope that this field is subjected to, there are certainly no second thoughts pertaining to why is AI so much in demand. Symbolic AI is one such advancement that has garnered attention from all across the globe.

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Gartner: The future of AI is not as rosy as some might think

A Gartner report predicts that the second-order consequences of widespread AI will have massive societal impacts, to the point of making us unsure if and when we can trust our own eyes.Gartner has released a series of Predicts 2021 research reports, including one that outlines the serious, wide-reaching ethical and social problems it predicts artificial intelligence (AI) to cause in the next several years.

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Can AI machine learning enable robot empathy?

Artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning is fueling the current commercial boom in automation, and robots are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. In a step forward in endowing robots with human-like behavior, researchers at Columbia University showed how AI machine learning can predict a robot’s future actions by observation­­­­…

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Unlocking innovation in manufacturing - with digital transformation at the center

Rapid digitalization, agile manufacturing, and supply chain resilience will be critical to address limitations and strengthen the industry’s growth across all development indicators. As we start a new decade, it is time to learn and unlearn to prepare for growth in the next normal. As organizations across industries ready themselves for the next phase, their focus will be on strengthening business resilience and agility…