Four Weekly Tech Newsletter – Oct 28

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Lead articles from October 28

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Hard to believe but AI will improve our worklives

Our society stands to be transformed by the combination of 3 technologies, contributing to a “perfect storm”. The application of these technologies could create untold opportunity or see competition stifled and monopolies strengthened. It’s uncomfortable to think that soon we may not be able to tell the difference between a machine and a person.

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Edge at the center

Edge computing enables emerging technologies – IoT, 5G and AI – for the new data decade.For decades now, most data-driven innovation has taken place in centralized glass-walled rooms, data centers and mega clouds. The gravity these facilities create pulls data inward for processing, and then the resulting value is pushed back out.Today, the world is changing,

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning quotes from great minds

Great quotes on artificial intelligence and ML from the top minds in the field.

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Tiny brain implant supports computer control with thought

Researchers at the University of Melbourne have developed a tiny brain-computer interface (BCI) device the size of a small paperclip that helps patients with upper limb paralysis to text, email, and search the internet. The device, called Stentrode, was implanted successfully into two patients suffering from severe paralysis due to motor neuron disease (MND) as part of a human trial.

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The next generation of artificial intelligence part 2

The field of artificial intelligence moves fast. Progress in the field since then has been breathtaking and relentless.

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Applications of natural language processing - NLP

Natural Language Processing is among the hottest topic in the field of data science. Companies are putting tons of money into research in this field. Everyone is trying to understand NLP and its applications to make a career around it. Every business out there wants to integrate it into their business somehow. Do you know why? Because NLP has evolved into something so powerful and impactful, which no one could have imagined.