Four Weekly Tech Newsletter – Oct 7

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Lead articles from October 7

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The biggest barrier to humane, ethical AI: capitalism itself

Money speaks louder than anything. Over the last few years, a growing chorus of academics, activists and technologists have decried the ways AI tech could engender biasexacerbate inequity, and violate civil rights.

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Getting inside the head of a machine learning scientist

PerceptiLabs sought to visualize what data scientists see when they are building an ML model. They reinvented the process of model building, making it simpler and faster for experts and beginners alike, to build, train, and analyze their models…

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4 ways that AI is driving better customer experience

As one of the leading tech trends, AI continues to gain in popularity for marketers and sales professionals, and has grown to be an essential tool for brands that wish to provide a personal, exceptional customer experience.

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Top 10 applications of ML in finance and fintech

Machine Learning (ML) is reshaping the financial services. It has become more prominent recently due to the availability of a vast range of data and more affordable computing power. It helps financial companies and banks to achieve business growth.

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The 7 patterns of AI

From autonomous vehicles, predictive analytics applications, facial recognition, to chatbots, virtual assistants, cognitive automation, and fraud detection, the use cases for AI are many. Despite diversity in application, AI use cases fall into one or more of seven common patterns.

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Proof of concept is old news: let's talk proof of value in IoT

Organizations can now safely assume that the experimentation phase is over. Before we talk about the next phase of IoT, let’s take a look at the IoT industry’s journey in the past few years, the progress made and how it’s easing into the next phase.