Rise of wearables and future of wearable tech

2 in 5 wearable devices users say They Feel Naked without a wearable device on any weird day. This is insane, ain’t it? Such is the dependency of humans on wearables. There’s more below:

  1. 43% believe that wearables devices will replace smartphones in future
  2. 30% commit to wear at least 5 wearables by 2020 for various purpose
  3. 57% believe wearables will submerge dependency on friends/ family
  4. 52% people would love to watch TV in wearables screen

Wearable devices you get in today’s market

In today’s busy world, people want to track their daily activities to improve their lives. The wearable devices can be worn on the body as implant or accessories to use the wearable apps for various functionalities. Wearables are providing many services using IoT and Machine Learning technologies. Due to IoT, these devices can exchange data between the device and network. From physical fitness to fashion Industry, the use of wearable devices and wearable apps is increasing day by day leveraging wearable applications development services.

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Some challenges which you can face while developing such product

  • Security might cause some problems by manipulating physical hardware.
  • Battery life can cause some problem when device is measuring data from many sensors.

What can be done with data that have been collected from wearable gadgets?

  • Data analytics (e.g can give different set of advices such as change battery of device in 15 days).
  • Predictive analysis (e.g Health Care).
  • Event Triggers (e.g Turn the Geyser On when returning from workout).

Given the way that a little gadget might be worn on a piece of the body not ordinarily in see or effortlessly open, the conceivable outcomes for a human-machine interface (HMI) are somewhat restricted — and unquestionably do exclude a huge show or console. In numerous cases, physical catches in favor of a watch can be set to various alternatives with catch blends and the present capacity showed on the screen. This still doesn’t add up to a very rich user interface. The technology uses Phone as a gateway to transmit the data and the cloud services help to achieve different goals.

Manasi Mishra