Four Weekly Tech Newsletter – Sept 23

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Lead articles from Sept 23

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The top 4 Artificial Intelligence trends for 2021

Before the global pandemic struck in 2020 and turned the world on its head, artificial intelligence (AI), and the branch of AI known as machine learning (ML), were already causing widespread disruption in every industry.

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How to capture the right kind of data

When it comes to collecting data with industrial IoT within the world of manufacturing, it isn’t just about quantity. It’s also about the quality of the information that you are gathering from various machines; data that you can analyze…

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Wifi has a complexity problem: machine learning might fix it

Enterprise WiFi is undergoing a large disruption thanks to AI and machine learning. While it’s a huge productivity and a morale booster for employees, and holds promising opportunities for deeper and more targeted customer interactions, WiFi remains one of the most challenging and even frustrating domains of an IT operation — thanks mostly to complexity.

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The Internet of Robotic Things

The Internet of Robotic Things (IoRT) is a rapidly evolving technology. In just a few decades, industrial robots have become commonplace in factory settings across the world, and they only continue to gain popularity for their productivity and profitability.

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A beginner's guide to the AI apocalypse: killer robots

Welcome to the 5th article in our guide to the AI apocalypse. We examine some of the most popular doomsday scenarios prognosticated by modern AI experts. We’ve danced around the subject of killer robots in the previous four editions in this series, but it’s time to look the machines in their beady red eyes and… speculate.

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Top ten fascinating movies on data science, machine learning and AI

Both the positive and negative sides of AI are portrayed in movies.  But sci-fi movies are taken into serious account.  Machines and robotics-related movies from the past are slowly becoming a reality….