Four Business Solutions offers several options to import your organisation’s data into Contract Insight. We offer data import as part of our professional services as well as standard capabilities within the application. All of our data import services are tested for compatibility and reliability.

Professional Services

Our data import specialists will systematically assist your organisation in gathering the necessary information to import into your new Contract Insight system, with proper formatting and error checking throughout. These professional services are part of Four Business Solutions’ rapid deployment options.

Data Import

Contract Insight software offers many different areas for data import into the system. In each of these areas, a CSV file or spreadsheet can be imported subject to the guidelines set out in the user manual.

Additional Import Methods

In addition to our professional services and direct imports, we provide two specialised options; database updates and import via web services. Both of these options require some technical knowledge within your organisation.

A database update allows you to import directly into our systems’ SQL database and tables. Your organisation will need a staff member knowledgeable in MS-SQL database management.

Our web services allow your organisation to directly link into our database. While the web services are provided by Four, your organisation will need the technical knowledge to integrate with them. Information about this can be found in our user and web services manuals.