Four Weekly Tech Newsletter – Aug 19

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Lead articles from August 19

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How AI and Machine Learning are infiltrating the fintech industry

Fintech is a buzzword in the modern world, which essentially means financial technology. It uses technology to offer improved financial services and solutions. How AI and machine learning are making ways across industries, including fintech? It’s an important question…

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Cyber pandemic survival guide

Three things for future consideration. We’re living in uncertain times. Fear, uncertainty and doubt have entered our collective psyche with the onset of Covid19. Consumers and businesses are in survival mode, adjusting to a new normal where working from home is not just optional but necessary.

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Rise of wearables and future of wearable tech

2 in 5 wearable devices users say they feel naked without a wearable device on any weird day. 43% believe that wearables devices will replace smartphones in future. 30% commit to wear at least 5 wearables by 2020 for various purposes. 57% believe wearables will submerge dependency…

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Can we judge AI by its halo, not ROI?

The Covid-19 pandemic has made RoI on AI redundant. The worldwide adoption of AI has busted the myth that AI requires intensive investment on infrastructure, process changes, and manpower. It has been seen that AI-powered solutions have become the determining factor of an enterprise’s survival. Enterprises have realigned their priorities…

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5 ways machine learning can thwart fishing attacks

Mobile devices are popular with hackers because they’re designed for quick responses based on minimal contextual information. Verizon found that hackers are succeeding with integrated email, SMS and link-based attacks across social media stealing passwords and privileged access credentials.

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Using open source data and machine learning to predict ocean temperatures

Using open source data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, we clean it, and forecast future temperatures using no-code machine learning methods. What is the relationship between algal blooms and water temperature fluctuations? Can we predict temperatures over the next five months?